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Barkai Yeshivah High School creates an atmosphere where students are excited to learn and through their experiences, take ownership over their education.


Mission Statement

Barkai Yeshivah cultivates the unique potential of each ben and bat Torah based on the belief that all elements of our world should be recognized through the framework of Torah. We  provide a warm, child-centered environment in which students develop into lifelong learners, pursuers of knowledge and become the leaders of the next generation. 


Our General Studies program develops high-level skills and a depth of knowledge that  empowers our students to engage in the world as informed, proficient, and discerning citizens. Barkai’s Hebrew immersion program creates students who have mastered the Hebrew language and have a deep love for the people, land, and state of Israel. We produce students who are ambassadors of our honored Sephardic heritage, traditions and culture, ensuring the continuity and development of our community. We inculcate our students with a love of Hashem, a strong sense of personal identity, and refined character. They are well-versed in Torah, committed to Misvot, and prepared to live a Jewish life in the contemporary world.

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