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A Letter from our Rav Yeshivah

Dear Parents and Students,


Welcome to Barkai! Your high school experience here will be unparalleled as you begin a special journey that will be defined by excellence in every arena. 


We believe that the student is at the forefront of every decision. Your education, your spiritual and religious growth and your social and emotional well-being are what drive our culture and atmosphere. At Barkai, you will not get an education, you will experience it. Your Torah Studies will take you on a journey as you engage with your peers and the text through our Bet Midrash style of learning. You will become independent learners who are excited about Torah and who reach a level of mastery of content and methodology. 


In General Studies, you will reach across disciplines and combine ideas, gaining a nuanced approach to a complicated world that allows you to be discerning and sensitive. You will play sports, get involved in clubs of your choice, meet students from different schools and communities, participate in hesed across the country and gain an experience that molds you into a compassionate, curious, creative, committed and contributing member of society and Klal Yisrael.


At Barkai, we value student voice and choice and we understand that we are not teaching content, we are teaching people. Our child-centered approach makes for an engaging, exciting and exceptional, educational experience. You will graduate Barkai as a role model in Torah and middot, committed to halakhah, college bound to the school of your choice, career ready for the 21st century and a lifelong learner who has the skills and tools to conquer any text. Oh, and you’ll have a lifetime of memories from high school to reminisce about, as you experience an incredible four years!


I look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you, as you join the Barkai family!


Rabbi Richard Tobias

Rav Yeshivah/Head of School

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